My Story

My Story:

Since embarking on this journey in 2004, I have been committed to three basic values: thoughtful marketing, exceptional machine quality and a continuous pursuit of giving industry the knowledge to improve their cleaning operations. These values drive everything I do.

Humble beginnings

IB Industries was brought to life thanks to a recommendation from a BAE process engineer I met whilst working on a project for the Typhoon. Partnering with the best companies in the industry helped me gain more knowledge and provide state of the art cleaning systems. We have been given the opportunity to secure the most prestigious projects in the UK after many successful campaigns and events.


My Products

I believe that a company with engineering at its core will help my customers down a more profitable route. A system which has thoughtful design, intuitive technology and robust quality will serve my customers well in the long term.

Our Events

Through good communication it has been possible to organise events with industry experts and our goal is to make cleaning information more accessible to companies looking to invest and offer a better, simplified and efficient experience. With best available process techniques and best available technology we aim help to make the decision process easier, knowledge based and most of all long term.