Turned Parts Cambridge

  • Cleaning Miniature turned parts for printing industry
  • Small footprint 1.2x1m
  • Vacuum, ultrasonics, tilt, rotate capabilities
  • Previously hand washed with solvent and oil strainer
  • No solvent exposure to operators
  • Perfect for small companies with old manual methods
  • Has allowed the company to gain more work going from a 1 man to a 3 men operation20160606_104952179_iOS

EVT recently installed a Nano machine for the cleaning of miniature brass turned parts which are used in the printing industry.

The company was using a manual method of cleaning their parts which consisted of multiple solvents tanks with separate ultrasonic baths to achieve the high level of cleanliness required.  After investigating the market and making trials they identified the EVT Nano cleaning plant to meet their requirements.

EVT’s NANO for cleaning small and very small parts in small batches is probably the most attractively-priced solvent degreasing plant available in the European market today. Even better, it offers mature process technology and a host of options for turning your NANO into “the right plant for your specific needs”.

High plant uptime is ensured by our online remote maintenance and diagnostics service, which we developed in collaboration with SIEMENS. From an iPhone or iPad, we can query data and change settings anywhere in the world to quickly and efficiently resolve both apparent and real malfunctions and problems.

This ability to remotely access and service your plant, together with complete turnkey manufacture of plants in compliance with our own rigorous standards of quality at our factory in Sternenfels, Germany, enables us to offer a two year warranty on every EVT plant supplied!
The standard version of the NANO permits vapour degreasing, immersion and drying. It can be delivered with various options that include ultrasonics, a rotating device and vacuum drying, or else prepared for these options to be retrofitted at a later time.


We have designed the NANO for baskets with a maximum usable size of 320 × 220 × 200 mm, known as “Schäfer B” or “Schäfer 3” baskets. It is of course also possible to use smaller baskets as long as they fit in a support with the above-mentioned dimensions.

You can get the NANO ready for operation yourself without any assistance from our service personnel: simply install it at a suitable location, connect it to the power mains and a source of compressed air, fill it with solvent – and you are set to go. The plant can be delivered with an activated charcoal drum or with a regenerable activated charcoal filtration unit.
20160606_093136880_iOSTest cleaning of your parts at our facility gives you a first-hand impression of our plants’ possibilities and superb degreasing results. It is also an excellent opportunity for us to get to know one another, discuss interesting technical details and perhaps also talk about the possibility of your leasing a NANO on a short or medium-term basis.

For many requirements in connection with turning technology, degreasing plants of our BAMBINO or LIMPIO series are the right choice. A large range of options is available for optimally designing plants to perform highly specialised and difficult cleaning and degreasing tasks. Working chambers can be built for all usual basket sizes as well as for all kinds of special baskets. Plants can be designed for manual loading and unloading or equipped with fully-automated loading systems for up to three hours of non-stop, unmanned operation.

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