metal pressings, Birmingham

Birmingham based Pressed Metal business in the UK responds to the REACH legislation by installing an EVT hermetically sealed solvent degreasing system.

The company is a leading manufacturer of metal pressings and metal /plastic sub-assemblies for the world’s lea20160824_131607341_iosding automotive, electronic and medical industries. Precision components produced are utilised in the majority of car manufacturing plants in the UK and overseas.IMG_0009

The managing director of the company set up a project team to review the effectiveness and costs of component cleaning systems, whether existing systems or possible alternatives, and to assess the future costs and regulation of available systems. It concluded that for metal pressing processes such as plated parts, with precious metals , where the effectiveness of the pre-process cleaning is of paramount importance, the only cleaning process that satisfies the laid-down criteria is solvent degreasing.20160824_124922537_ios

This led to a partnership developing IB Industries and EVT Eiberger Pfohler. the outcome of their discussions was the installation of a hermetically sealed solvent system with a basket size of 480x320x300 mm. This provided  the equivalent capacity using a solvent spray, Immersion supported with ultrasonics and vapour process, with a regenerating carbon absorption system removing the last traces of solvent from the chamber prior to the finish of the cleaning cycle.


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“The decision to choose EVT was based on the system’s capability to satisfy new legislation, its robust design and its compact size,” . “It is also energy-efficient and operationally effective by delivering the desired hourly throughputs. These features combined with a competitive price, a bespoke design offering low maintenance costs, and UK-based after-sales service and support made the decision relatively easy.”

20160824_130831061_iosEVT offers a broad range of these environmentally-friendly systems, from small, standard, sealed solvent cleaning systems to custom-made systems up to 4 m x 2 m x 2 m capacity that satisfy all the requirements of the strict German legislation in place since the 1990s.
20160824_125157928_iosThe EVT Bambino, for example, can clean and degrease small components or large volumes of small components within its 530 x 320x300mm working envelope at a rate of 3 to 6 charges/hour, with vapour and optional stages of spray, immersion and ultrasonic. It is designed as either top or front loading and can rotate or oscillate components at any stage in the cycle.

Multiple filtration and oil distillation keeps the solvent free from contamination, and the cleaning and degreasing process is monitored and controlled via a 9-inch touch screen. Carbon adsorption and solvent concentration controlled to inch touch screen. Carbon adsorption and solvent concentration controlled to less than 1g/m³ guarantees compliance with SED and European VOC requirements, while additional features such as vacuum distillation, vertical parts movement and activated carbon filter systems are easily integrated into the EVT system if required. The EVT range, which features stainless steel construction allied to high quality welding procedures, also includes fluid management facilities that can be interconnected with the SAFE-TAINER™ system provided by SAFECHEM, a subsidiary of The Dow Chemical Company.

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